Welcome to our family's 1958 National Park slides

In 1958, the year before I was born, my parents took a trip to some of the National Parks in the western U.S. They visited the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, and Yellowstone. My dad took a batch of color slides on this trip, which I have digitized. I hope you enjoy them.

There are two ways to see the pictures:

Anyone who has recently visited these parks might be interested to see how they looked in the 1950's.

Technical information

My dad shot the pictures on Kodachrome with his trusty Zeiss Contaflex camera in July 1958. I scanned them on a Canon CanoScan 9000F in September 2010. The imaging software I used was Canon's MP Navigator EX 3.1 scanner controller, and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

In the past 50-plus years the slides have developed a few blemishes. Almost every slide has a "halo" of dust specks around the edge of the film, probably particles of the cardboard frame that have become stuck on the film. In most cases the dust halo is only noticable in the sky portion of the image. Some of the slides have larger pieces of dirt, dust or lint within the image. A few of them have surface damage such as scratches or dimples. Many slides have faded to various degrees, with the most common problem being a blue cast. A small number of the slides were under- or over-exposed.

To avoid accidentally damaging the slides I did not attempt to clean them, except to blow the dust off with an air bulb.

The Canon MP Navigator software generally did a good job removing minor dust and lint, and correcting slight fading or color casts. In more extreme cases of dust removal I had to use Photoshop's Noise and Blur tools. As a result of the dust removal, clouds in the skies of most of the pictures look slightly "fuzzier" than they did in the originals. I dealt with strong color casts that MP Navigator couldn't correct by using Photoshop's Curve command. Usually, moving the blue channel's black point a little to the right took care of the problem.

To deal with exposure problems and to widen the dynamic range of many pictures I used Photoshop's Levels and Curves commands.

Big defects like fingerprints and scratches were dealt with on a case by case basis. I did as little hand-editing as possible, so you will still see some dirt and lint in many of the images.

My scans are much higher resolution than the jpg files on this web site. If you want a higher-res copy of any of the pictures, let me know.